The Vaccines For All Campaign is coordinated by the Patients Not Passports Campaign Network with support from Migrants Organise, Medact, Docs Not Cops, Doctors of the World and Regularise. The network is comprised of groups working across Britain to challenge NHS charging, data sharing, and other Hostile Environment immigration policies in the NHS. We are health workers, migrants, patients, and supporters of a truly universal NHS, available to all who need it.

To find out more about the Patients Not Passports Campaign and how to get involved you can join our mailing list or contact to get in touch with your nearest campaign group.

If you want to learn more about the impact of Hostile Environment immigration policies in the NHS you can read our Patients Not Passports publications:

Challenging Healthcare Charging in the NHS - A briefing paper on NHS charging and the introduction of immigration controls in the NHS. It sets out the policy and ideological background to NHS charging; reframes and challenges some of the arguments used to justify the policies; and presents evidence and analysis of the likely impact of restricting access to the NHS.

The International Struggle for Universal Healthcare - This report examines campaigns across Europe fighting against restrictive healthcare policies for migrants, and explores history of campaigns against NHS charging in England, asking what we can learn for our work today.

Migrants' Access to Healthcare During the Coronavirus Crisis - The report investigates the barriers to accessing healthcare for migrants during the coronavirus crisis and the findings of the research lead to a series of urgent recommendations designed to help inform the government’s response to the public health emergency.